Bottle Drive & Scrap Metal 

Are you looking to raise money for your organization? Bottle drives are a quick, easy way to get big money for your group with little effort.


Or take a less traditional route and do a scrap metal drive! Bottles and cans are frequently requested and some don't want to part with the deposit money, but scrap metal is always laying around in so many ways around the house. 


1. We supply roll-off container at no charge.

2. Collect bottles and cans.

3. Fill container and we pick it up.

4. Prompt payment sent at 6¢ each for NYS deposits.


  • Make your expectations clear. Is participation mandatory or voluntary? What time commitment is expected?

  • Make it fun by having a contest and rewarding the winners with something special but simple, like a pizza party

  • Pick a date and set a goal.

  • Plan ahead. What area will you cover? Make sure you have enough adult drivers lined up.

  • Choose a convenient staging area for drop-offs.

  • Reserve your date with us, particularly if you plan to use our truck and driver to help you transport your collected containers. We reserve our trucks on a first come, first served basis only.

  • Plan to have your bottle drive around the same time every year. People will come to expect it and save their bottles and cans for your group.

  • Hand out fliers in your targeted neighborhoods 1 week to 10 days before your bottle drive.

  • Assign specific areas to participants. Make sure children never go alone.


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